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Over what period of time, can I go from 23% to 13% body fat?

This year I have lost about 40 pounds through cardio and diet. The first year where I have actually stuck to my new years resolution! I am setting another one for next year: I want to get start hitting the weights and get to around 13% body fat.

Right now I am at about 23%. I am a 26 year old 6' tall male weighing in at about 215 pounds.

My question is, over what period of time would it be reasonable to hit my target? Can I do it by the end of 2020?


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    I appreciate that you are trying to set yourself a measurable goal.  It depends many factors.  For example, how much fat are you planning on losing compared to adding muscle?  How often are you going to hit the gym or workout at home?  What's your eating plan - is it the same as what you've been doing or will you try something that more aggressive?  How likely are you to go off your program due to social, work, or travel events?  Do you have any medical conditions that might prevent you from working out hard? Are you willing to forego alcohol consumption?

    I think it would be very reasonable for you to drop another 30-40 pounds of fat in a year if you are willing to adopt an eating plan that achieves that goal -- that's less than a pound a week.  Adding 10-20 pounds of muscle also shouldn't be that hard if you follow a workout plan designed to deliver those results.  Those two elements work together to determine not only your end weight but your body composition. That noted, home programs like P90X3 (just as an example) have participants who achieve pretty significant results is 3 months. 

    That just demonstrates the you might be able to reach your goal faster. I would just suggest that you set smaller, short-term goals that are more about habits than a specific weight or fat %.  For example, to stick to your eating plan and new calorie goals, to track you consumption on an app, or to workout every day.

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