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Trump fumed about FIRING Comey and others re Russian collusion. Yet he never actually fired them. He's talked about doing a lot of illegal..?

...things he never did. 

He talked about refusing lethal, substantial aid to Ukraine but it was delivered. 

For whatever reason, he did not go through with breaking THAT law, either. 



Does it just totally inflame Dems that Trump builds up their hopes to destroy him, then straightens up at the last minute? 





Trump did fire Comey after months of rumbling about it and NOT doing it. He said he would about a dozen times before he ever did. Most people wondered why he hesitated at all. 

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  • 9 months ago

    Good grief. Are you really so ignorant. Trump DID fire Comey!

  • don
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    9 months ago

    If refusing giving aid to Ukraine is illegal,Obama promised to send them Tomohawk missiles and instead sent blankets and pillows,resulting in Crimea being overrun by russia and thousands of deaths.

  • 9 months ago

    Giving back what you stole after you get caught does not mean you didn’t steal in the first place. And Trump releasing the money he was using to extort Ukraine three days after the investigation into that extortion started, does not undo the damage he did in the first place. 

    Also he definitely did fire James Comey over “the Russia thing”, you can tell because he gave a televised interview days later to explain it in those words.

    He’s much too crooked to ever straighten up. 

    Update: He waited because his lawyers tried to talk him out of it at all. Firing a guy for investigating you is clearly obstruction of justice and an abuse of power. Several of those conversations have been documented; he can’t even say he didn’t know. 

  • -j.
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    9 months ago

    You think Trump didn't fire Comey???

    If I were this stupid I'd go anonymous in embarrassment too.

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