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My manager is treating me like garbage?

So originally I was scheduled to work this Tuesday for 8 hours and I ended up taking an Uber to work that day ($12.75). When I got there, the manager told me I wasn't scheduled and that the head manager changed it the day before. She only changed MY shift and when there is a change, the manager usually messages our group chat or the person individually. She did neither. So the working manager told me I can stay and do the shift or I can leave and I decided to leave because I had a lot of homework and a vet appointment that I originally canceled for the shift. The next day, I texted the head manager asking if I'd get paid for the minimum three hours (Its an Ontario law) and she said no because I refused. I said, these are my exact words, "Okay, thats fair. Please update me next time you change the schedule." She said, "It wont happen..." To me this is very rude because I always stay longer for her and do extra shifts so she doesn't have to work so much and she doesn't even say sorry. Btw, something similar to this happened a couple of weeks ago.

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  • Carmen
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    10 months ago

    Lot going on in this picture on all sides as far as you personally though you have to ask yourself is it worth the hassle confusion disrespect trouble money headache peace of mind keeping a calm heart and so on because in the end the wise person sees the danger or misfortunes and protect themselves pray over matter and if you’re going to complain about a situation like this and you’re given an opportunity to work still and already there stay your other appointments could of been rescheduled a second chance at a job might not be available . People will test you it’s uo to you how you deal with the test. 

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    There seems to be a disconnect between your supervisor and the head manager, and that's where the issue is! I don't think your supervisor was being rude per say, she is merely doing the job with what she has to work with.

    I think the person that you need to address is the manager, the one who makes the schedule! Personally I think she needs to give you the heads up if she decides to alter your schedule, its not fair for you to not know when you are/not working, and if she still bucks the system, I think you should go to the district manager, her superior, and have them deal with her.

    I also think you need to take some accountability here too! You complain about your shift being cancelled, yet, when you are given the choice to still work that shift, you decide to walk out. Don't give me this "oh I had homework", because, you and I both know, had you actually been ON schedule, you would have showed up for work regardless. 

    As for the company not paying you? Why should they? I mean you did NOT work that shift, so why should they shell out their money to pay a person who couldn't give two fucks about working there? You decided to not work, that day, the consequence of it, aka not getting paid for that shift.

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    The minimum pay law is for when you are called in for just an hour or two. It would not apply in your case because you did not work at all that day. You were offered to work the shift, since you showed up. You chose not to so stop complaining. So what that it cost you to show up, it costs everybody, not just you, whether it is wear and tear and gas on our own car, uber or public transportation, and we all know your time is worth something but, are you perfect?

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  • Robert
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    10 months ago

    start looking for another job.  Changing schedules like that should always include notifying the affected people.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    You need to try to get over it. Quit & move on or don't. But stop asking strangers.

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