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Is it even necessary to use file wiping utilities for files stored on an SSD?

SSD's don't store their files in the same way as HDD's. When a file gets erased or rewritten, it doesn't even go back to the same physical area of memory, instead it gets put into a completely different cell, and the previous location it was is recycled much later the SSD's electronics, using the Trim command. So for that reason, I would say that data cannot be recovered on an SSD once it's been trimmed anyways. So no need for those multi-wipe utilities designed for magnetic hard drives? Or can you think of a reason why those utilities would still be needed for an SSD?

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    Physically, data is written to cells in flash rom,,logically, the structure is just the same.

    Delete a file it depends how the SSD firmware handles data, but logically, deletes that space in the file allocation tables.

    No, flash works different than magnetic medium, erased is erased, on magnetic medium, it remains until overwritten.

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    TRIMming certainly makes it HARDER to recover files, but STILL not impossible.

    though it may take data recovery pros to do it.

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      But still, using a multi-pass file wiping utility will achieve absolutely nothing on an SSD, right?

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