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Canada student visa with fake school grades ?

So my friends boyfriend Is trying to join a university in Canada with fake school grades.He paid professionals to do it for him so it looks legit. The university has accepted him but hasn’t applied for the visa. Everyone considering his family is highly against this and is trying to stop him for his own benefit. will the embassy realize if the document is fake, if the university has already accepted him with the documents? Or if we contact the embassy will they tell him who reported the fake documentation? 

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  • 8 months ago

    will the embassy realize if the document is fake,

    EMBASSY in most cases does not examine documentation for fraud purposes. That procedure is done by specialists located in NONE OF YOUR concern area of Immigration Visa verification section.

    You or family can tell a tale to the Embassy. They will do with the information what they do. They can believe it 0% or 100% or some place in the middle.

    The school has accepted them is just one factor. Many more steps before a VISA is issued.including authenticating documentation.

    LOTS of fraud is tried. Main reason processing time is getting longer and longer.

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    Probably not. But Canada isn't stupid and this will be uncovered eventually even without your reportage.

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