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My cat is an upper respiratory virus carrier. Can someone tell me why he got sick? He is vaccinated for it.?

My cat is an upper respiratory virus carrier. His shots are up to date but he got all the symptoms back five days ago. Does anyone know why he got sick since he got vaccinated for it over two years ago. The vaccine is supposed to last three years. How long will it take for him to get better?

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    There are several different uri viruses in cats. Either his vaccination was not current enough, or it was a virus not included in the vaccine. I wouldn't worry about him being a carrier. A lot of cats are exposed to cat herpes virus for example, and some are carriers but don't get the disease. There are a lot of kitty viruses. If your cat was only sick for five days, he must not have been very sick. URI's in cats usually last longer. 

  • Ken S
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    As far as I know, you can't get vaccinated for a URI. In any event it could have gotten it from exposure to other cats with it, from a vets office or just by himself.

    Get some L-lysine and crush a pill into the food every day. If that doesn't work then you are going to need antibiotics

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    Vaccines would prevent your cat from contracting the specific virus initially. They would not prevent flare ups of a virus your cat already had before the vaccine. They are also not 100% effective- viruses have many strains and vaccines do not protect against all of them. 

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    i would ask your vet this question

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