Why don't they ever set up a designated waiting area for single riders for the Zipper?

Since 2008, not a single Zipper (ride) in the United States has allowed single riders on anymore.  Even Wade Show's Zipper with the new horseshoe restraints does not allow single riders.

Americans are selfish, socially disconnected people.  The entire social atmosphere is confined within closed cliques.  Single riders, especially male single riders, get in big trouble all the time asking to get paired up with someone to go on the Zipper, and people who are not part of a clique have come to realize that the Zipper is forbidden to them.

Complicating it further, not a single Zipper ever bothers to set up a waiting area such as even a table or bench marked "Single Rider Waiting area" or "Single Rider waiting bench" so that single riders can wait for other single riders to come along and take them on the Zipper.  Or even set up a second entrance line for single riders, like at Disney World and Universal Orlando.  It's like they'd rather see single riders go to prison than get paired up with another rider.

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