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How does Ozzy Osbournes friends/family deal with him even with his antics? Would acting like Ozzy pick up some chicks?

I mean I remember reading somewhere that they were on the road and Ozzy kicked off every band member off the tour bus, then the next day they met up and Ozzy couldn't remember a thing.

Then Jake once said that Ozzy was licking his lime green **** in a hotel pool. He also said Ozzy head butted his bass player, covered it up by saying he was defending him self "he tried to kiss me (Ozzy voice)." then fired him the day of the US festival

He also fired Lynch when Jake got hired, and did it with no warning or any compensation which kind of sucks when Lynch was doing sound checks for him without pay.

Zakk even said Ozzy had a ferrari, and the next day it was gone.

Jake even said that Ozzy would barge in his hotel room and demand Jake to write songs at 4am for no reason.

Not to mention he has screwed over many guitar and bass players that played for him. Basically had them make the music first, then surprisingly the contract comes and it states that they wrote nothing and he wrote everything.

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    11 months ago
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    No that would definately not pick up chicks. Especially if you are plain looking like one of them incel mass murderers or something. 

    As far as his antics. You either deal with them or you dont. 

    And if the root of your question is whether or not a management company, a band, or a manager would put up with all of that; the answer is no they wouldnt. 

    One of the great things about the old days was that you could be a reall azzs to people and get away with it. 

    Now? Things have changed. There are cameras on every street corner. Police will throw you in jail for every little stupid thing, and on the music side talent and hard working musicians inundate this industry. 

    You see, with millions of musicians floating sround who as good as, if not better than Ozzy and his repoitere of guitarists. 

    If I was a manager, a record company, or a producer I would not put up with any of that in this day and time. Nor would I put up with it as a "gun for hire musician"

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  • Andrew
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    11 months ago

    Love the new screen name. It's a touching tribute. This will be the very last answer that I post to any of your questions. That's going to bother you a lot more than it's going to bother me, because few people here - if any, can offer any real information or insight on the things you obsess over. So best of luck posting your questions and enjoy whatever replies you manage to get.   

  • 11 months ago

    Ozzy feeds them bats to decapitate with there teeth.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    It will get you “chicks” if you’re a successful rockstar, if you’re just some random dude, drinking, taking drugs and being d!ck to people then the only “chicks” you will pick up are other drug addicts who will do anything for their next high. 

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