Has Congress ever passed a spending bill, that allocates discretionary spending instead of causing dependency?

the favor-ability of a particular candidate?


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  • 8 months ago

    I couldn't make any sense out of your question, but apparently Mr. Smartypants understood it. I think the commenter misunderstood what he meant by Reagan's "clever" idea. It was a Republican scheme to reduce the size of the government. Reagan said people were going to have to be more responsible for themselves, which sounds good, but the result was the start of cutting money for education, which is why college is so expensive now. And as Mr. Smartypants pointed out, it meant that the feds could shrug off complaints about things not being funded. So yes, there's discretionary spending on the part of the states. As for dependency, many red states, like Alabama and Mississippi, depend on the federal government for more than half their income, while some blue states produce more money than they spend. 

  • 8 months ago

    Both of our parties realize that their power comes from spending taxpayer dollars.  They both want to spend just as much as they can get away with, the difference being only in what they want to spend it on.

    The Reagan admin. had a clever idea.  I seriously doubt it was Reagan's own idea.  Anyway, they pointed out that the money Congress gives to states is earmarked--so much for police, for roads, for education, for parks, etc. etc.  Reagan's idea was to meld these all into a 'block grant'--just give the state the money and let THEM decide how to spend it.  That sounds good, right?  Couldn't the state itself make good decisions about where they needed the money?

    So then, next  year, this block grant was reduced by 15%.  So now every agency in the state was fighting to preserve its budget.  But all this fighting was at the state level.  The fed govt. was above the fray.  "Hey, if your Dept. of Education got defunded, it wasn't OUR fault!  Don't come whining to US!"

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