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Is Head of State of Canada really the Queen who is British and lives in Britain? And will Prince Charles reign over Canada after the Queen?

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    The Queen of Canada is a Canadian, in fact, THE Canadian, who happens to live overseas. She is also Queen of 15 other countries, one of which is the UK.  Charles is her heir, and is set to become King when she dies.

    So, yes, you are correct.

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    Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state of Canada. She is Canadian but happens to live in the UK.

    Charles will have the same powers and duties as his mother.

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    The Royal Family does not realistically 'reign over' anyone. Each nation of which the Queen is Head of State has its own elected parliament and elected leader. The Head of State exercises no control over any territory but does serve as the notional head of the judiciary, police and armed services so removing them from political interference. When Queen Elizabeth II ceases to be Head of State, Prince Charles is currently the next in line.

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    The Queen of Canada is the Head of State and she is represented by the Governor General who will continue to represent her successors.  The heir apparent to the throne of Canada is the Prince of Wales. Canadians are taught this sort of thing.

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    Yes and yes. Cost to Canada - zilch. Cost of Trump to the USA - billions.

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