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What kind of education is considered full time in Canada and eligible for pgwp? ?

In case we do not register for the summer term, is our education still considered full time in Canada? And does it matter how many terms we enroll each academic year?

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    That would not be full time for foreign students.

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    In most universities. you need to take 5 full courses (or the equivalent) for a full term.  4 is possible, but, anything less than that is not considered full time.  A course is 3 credit hours, i.e., 3 hours in class per week.  Combinations of lesser courses make up the full 15 credit hours per week.

    You need two terms a year to be considered full time.

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    For a better answer suggest you not ask in the TRAVEL section.

    If you are really a graduate you can read and understand the web page yourself.

    OBVIOUSLY if you are not attending class you are not a student.

    This program does not apply to EVERY CLASS of study nor to EVERY place of STUDY.

    EACH educational Institution has their specific definition of a FULL TIME student.

    As a GRADUATE LEVEL student you should be able to comprehend the web page of the school you are attending.or desire to attend.

    There is no specific rule for ALL places of education in the country.

    Which part of if you have GRADUATED meaning you have finished your studies do you not understand?

    No need to register for more classes you are finished your education.

    You MIGHT qualify to apply for something depending what you studied. This NEED for particular courses of study graduates is not IDENTICAL in everyplace city, town or village that has a school. It changes year to year depending on the NEEDS in Canada.

    There is no 100% guaranteed approval of a VISA just because you have some list of qualifications.

     Does it matter how many terms we enrol each academic year?

    You are either a student attending classes or you are not. YES IT MATTERS

    If you are on a student/study visa you are expected to be a STUDENT and attend classes.

    Part time employment you MIGHT be able to find between semesters is not and never was intended to be the source of funds to pay for your expenses in Canada.

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