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This happened to me last night and it scared me so bad, what could it have been? Has this ever happened to anyone else? ?

I was having an awful nightmare about a thing like Golem from LOTR crawling through my window (except in my dream it was bluish-gray and wrinkly) and my dad shooting it. I woke up absolutely petrified and laid there next to my bf for a few minutes and right when I was going back to sleep I heard a thump and a tapping sound from the back deck outside my bedroom window. Something or someone was definitely tapping on the glass door to the deck, which is located in the kitchen. That door was unlocked because we live in a very safe subdivision and if someone was prowling then why would they tap at the door? I am not a high-strung or easily scared person but for some reason I was frozen with fear. Any other time I would have gotten up to look myself without even bothering to wake up the bf. I was certainly awake and it was not sleep paralysis because my dog that was in the bed with us heard it too but didn't make a sound, he just sat straight up with his ears perked and his head ****** looking towards the hallway, when normally he would bark. WTF? I can't explain the outright dread and terror that I felt. Leftovers from my nightmare, maybe? But again, WHAT was at the door?! Couldn't have been an animal because only the top half of the door is glass so it wouldn't have been able to reach it, and we've lived here for 15 years and I've never heard it before. F@cking terrified me, no joke. 


You think so? Because it's not a story, it legit f@cking happened and scared the crap out of me. I swear on all that's holy that this happened to me last night and I'm looking for reassurance or others experiencing this, so thanks for nothing, c0cksucker, you didn't have to answer if you're going to be a prick about it. I'm not stupid, I know what a story is and this isn't one. F@ck you if you can't help me. 

Update 2:

I don't even know why I expected any of y'all b#ttf@ckers to help me, I should have posted this on Reddit to begin with...and NOT on r/nosleep. 

Update 3:

F@ck all of y'all. I've never seen such a group of people so willing and eager to attack or otherwise belittle someone. If it makes you feel better to make someone else feel bad then that's your problem. That says a lot for your character. 

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     The strange dream could be down to something that you ate. Cheese and apples, for instance, are known for causing nightmares. As for the tapping. Your dog's actions show that he heard the sound but also prove that it did not concern him enough to go investigate or bark. This is probably because it is a sound that he is aware of, a sound he hears often, maybe when you are sleeping. That points to an animal, possibly a rodent. There are a few people here that use the site properly but very few. The rest, as you see are trolls and they are slowly shutting this site down. At least, you know who to block in case you use the site again.

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    Someone could have been making a prank on you to scare do that stuff, or someone could have been trying to break in. I don't know, but you should go look around that window, and make sure there is no damage....and then, make sure you start locking things up. I don't care if it's safe, you always keep your house and car locked up...nothing is ever 100% safe. 

    As for the dream, it could have been your subconscious picking up on the sounds outside your window...and you started dreaming about it. You know, like when you are in a deep sleep, and have to go pee...then you start dreaming you are going to the bathroom. Similar to that...but I would not take what you heard lightly...

    I would lock things up to be on the safe side.

    Good luck.

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    Get rid of the dog. This is your last warning. Hell hounds are very deceitful. And, I know you don't believe you have done anything that would cause for you to be taken to hell. And, you didn't heed the last warning of how dangerous that dog is. But, it will happen all too fast for you to react, once the dog has your soul. Hell hounds are capable of taking you and you entire house. We are at another down season for missing houses. Don't let yours be on the list. That is how it happens, slight glimpses into parallel universes. And then the slip comes. The dog is the key.

  • So you had a nasty dream, then heard some tapping and felt scared? 

    And although you don't say so I suspect you woke the boyfriend who checked and found nothing? 

    I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill. 

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  • Gary K
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    The sound outside could have been anything.  A tree branch, a cat, rodents, anything.  Sound travels differently in the dead of night.  Whatever it was it woke you up on the middle of a dream.  Your dog obviously didn't think much of it, so you shouldn't either. 

  • Dr. NG
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    Heavens to Betsy, do you touch your mom with those dirty fingers? Night terrors usually go away with puberty, but it is not unknown for adults to have them. My guess is that's what happened to you. Unless it becomes a recurring problem don't worry about it.

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    I'll bet you a whole donut whatever it was, it doesn't have to do with Paranormal Phenomena. Try r/nosleep? Spice up the storyline though.

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    In this day and time why would anyone in their right mind would leave anything unlocked? Unbelievably stupid.


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