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PLEASE HELP....Do dreams mean anything? I feel very sad and disturbed....?

Last night I saw my ex in my dreams. He is dealing with hardships. In my dream, I saw that he just adopted a about 4 year old daughter who looked very sad and quiet. The little girl looked like she was from Nepal or Mexico and my ex is white. My only point here about race is that I even remember all these details. Somehow the little girl ended up with me and I started taking care of her and taking her even to work with me. She became so happy and lively all of the sudden. Then I saw my ex who was upset saying that he missed her and wanted her back and at the same time, I felt so attached to the little girl and wished she could be with me for more days. Does this mean anything? Thanks.

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    Yes, your dream makes perfect sense if you view the child as a Symbol, an entity in itself, of the relationship you shared with your ex.  You seem to keep the relationship together for awhile, but then he wanted to hold it together by holding onto the child, and your relationship could not withstand all the bickering and back and forth of the little girl.  The struggled relationship between the two of you, symbolized by the little girl, shows the end your relationship deteriorated so much that both of you had to brake up.   He says he misses his adoptive daughter, which is really another way for him to say he missed the relationship you had with him.  Remember the child is only there as a symbol of the relationship between the two of you. 

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    dreams only mean you slept without alarm. no school huh?

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    i would wonder what type of movies youve been watching lately

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    To save a child in your dream signifies your attempts to save a part of yourself from being destroyed

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