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Anyone who lives in Toronto have ever had their moles removed by dermatologist please answer?

I'm in my 20's I have a few tiny moles on my face which aren't raised or anything but, have been causing me to lose a ton of confidence ever since my childhood. I want to get all my moles removed by now, but I refuse to do it with a knife. I'm too squeamish. I prefer to get it done by laser rather than surgery. I've requested my family doctor to refer me to a different dermatologist because the the first two doctors I've encountered denied laser mole removal. They told me the only way to get it done is by surgery and they had warned me about the chance of scarring. I thought if I see another dermatologist things would be different. So far I've seen 3 dermatologist already, they all give me the same answer. They won't perform laser treatment, your only option is surgical excision. The third doctor I've met was sort of dismissive and curt toward me. As soon as he walks in, he sits down and ask "So what's the problem with your face. I asked him if he offers laser treatments on moles. He bluntly told me that No doctors would remove moles by laser.

If I want to get my moles removed, my only option is surgical excision. He gave me a sarcastic answer like he said If I don't want to go through surgery, he then suggested that I should just go to Chinatown to and get you moles removed there.


So far I've seen 3 dermatologist already, they all give me the same answer. No laser mole removal. Only surgery. My first question Is it true that no dermatologist in Toronto would offer laser treatment? If so, I'm wondering why dermatologists in Ontario refuse to remove moles by laser. They will only perform surgery. Second question: If I really wanted to have my moles removed by laser, going to a beauty salon or laser clinic is the only option left for me?

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    You've had 3 different professionals tell you that the option is surgery.

    So your options are:

    - live with the moles

    - accept the professional medical opinion and get them removed with surgery

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