What are a few of the scariest/most haunted asylums or mental institutions?

I am into all the creepy stuff out there and I have a fascination with asylums (from horror games and such). I wanted to know some of the old abandoned ones out there with some horrific history or rumors of hauntings that I could research.

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    Centennial Hospital, Las Vegas Nevada: i

    They lock you in against your will. A charge comes and leads you to the underground labyrinth of Nevada's most horrifying paranormal creatures. And you are never heard of again. The hospital remains open to this day. In the 1980's it was listed as one of the top 3 missing persons institutions.

    John George Medical Center, Oakland California:

    It started out as a hope for the Bay Areas need to accommodate the mental health needs of the residents. But, it soon became a "pay to play" arena of corruption. It was used by the deep state to cripple and destroy the people. It even used its hall ways and floors to house its patients. A brand new hospital turned into the likes of the old time deplorable's housing. Facility Currently Open

    East Bay Hospital, Richmond California. There were more reported cases of rape by doctors and staff at this mental facility, than in any US ran facility on record. Need I say more? Facility was closed, but the deep state keeps trying to reopen.


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    I will put my money on America having the most.

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    Those are all staged tourist attractions, just so you know.

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    Depends on your location. I would join Taps family groups and find your nearest group to talk online and possibly meet up for investigations. I started out that way and joined my local group for investigations (which were rather boring).                    I have had most experiences in areas of fear or pain, seen quite a lot and investigated all I could of what I've seen. From a couple in a car crash in the 70's way back to kids and druids in the Bronze age.

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