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Why do women horse riders wear shirts and ties like med do?

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    Because the horse sports are one of the very few sports around in which men and women compete equally, with and against one another. The dress code for both genders is the same in these sports- it doesn't change from one to the other. For that reason, women wear exactly the same kind of attire as men do.

    There is, however, one exception to the standard dress code, which applies to those competitors who are either members of the armed forces or are in the national police forces of the countries they represent. Competitors in this category are permitted to ride in military or police dress uniform, and are also permitted to use a military hand salute in place of the regular salute.This exception applies to both genders. Competitors who are service members must show valid military ID at the time of registration for each competition.

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    In the hunt field you will see many different sizes and shapes of collars.  They indicate that riders position within the hunt.

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    It's part of their job and to stay safe.

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    In horse shows it is required to wear proper dress. 

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    Because the horses like it. 

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