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Will hockey have less racism and abuse when old guys like Peters, Babcock and Cherry are out?

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    I hope. There's no need for it. As one of the tens of thousands of guys who played in the GTHL, you hear stuff and you accept verbal and psychological abuse because you're told "it'll make you a better player" and "it'll toughen you up" (it doesn't). It made me hate the game and get away from it for over a decade.

    It's one thing for a coach to set consistent standards and hold players accountable. What Babcock, Peters, etc. are doing isn't that. It's abuse. Pure and simple.

    I'm going to admit that I never thought Babcock was one of those coaches. He talked about mental health and how it was important to treat players with respect (turns out that seems to be an act as more and more players are coming out with stuff, and every story is bad). I bought this BS he was spewing. I was wrong. I thought that the first guy who bitched about Babcock as far back as 2011 was just a bitter hack. I was wrong and admitting it is the least I can do. He was right about Babcock. Turns out he was completely different behind closed doors and nearly universally hated.

    You can add Marc Crawford to the list as well since stuff has come out about him.

    Racism has no place in the game, and yet you have current pros saying that it happens pretty regularly. This can't happen. You think a guy's a bad player then boo him. Using racial slurs of homophobic slurs? No. Never.

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    O child, it is already written

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    No the problem with hockey is that everybody is on ice. Get it? Ice? Hockey? 😀

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