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Airline tickets?

My boyfriend lives in India, I live in Canada with my son. We plan to meet in Thailand but I can't afford it. He's willing to pay for the tickets, will I have any issues at the airport? I've heard some have had issues with them requesting the credit cards, some haven't had issues at all. We plan to travel with air Canada. This is my first time ever on a plane. I'm nervous. 

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    The only country where I've ever been asked to show the credit card that my ticket was bought with was in fact Thailand, but that must have been 10 years ago and I have no up to date knowledge of whether they still insist.

    But as you're meeting IN Thailand, the issue is unlikely to arise.

    But still you should do as Jasmine says. ANY tiny discrepancy in your details may lead to endless bother and fines and even detention.

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    Your personal details on the air ticket must be EXACTLY the same as the details of your passport. Therefore, if your friend pays the journey, he should send you the money (by bank transfer, by Western Union, and so on)and then you buy your air ticket with your own details.

    Otherwise, if you send your passport details to your friend, a mistake may occur when your friend uses your details when purchasing the air ticket for you.  Mistakes are not unusual at all. Change is nearly never accepted.

    Stay in Thailand for up to 30 day is visa-free for citizens of many countries.

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    Make sure to review the security screening process to help keep your travels as smooth as possible.

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    no issues at the airport unless you need

    a visa

    also you must have sufficient US dollars

    endorsed in your passport from a bank

    to justify your living expenses in Thailand

    have a nice time!!

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    I've never had an airline ask to see the credit card the tickets were charged to. I sometimes fly with tickets bought by an organization and booked for me. It's never been a problem. They don't ask you how much money you have either. I've been to Thailand- if the requirements are the same for Canadians as they are for U.S. citizens, you don't need to have a visa in advance, and they don't give you any trouble when you get there. 

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    You need to check the entry requirements regarding having sufficient funds.

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