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Why does my car get bad gas mileage?

I have a 2009 honda civic ex. It says it gets around 26 city/34 highway. Anyways when I fill it up, if gas is 3.50 it fills up at 35.(I live in SoCal) So I'm guessing its around 10 gallons before refueling. Anyways I mostly drive city but I'm only getting 180 miles for the whole 10 gallons. So I'm getting roughly 18 mpg. Is there any maintenance I should check? I want to see if I can do maintenance myself before going to a mechanic. Thanks

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    The rating is you could get this, mileage depends on how much you stop and go, and how much you push the car to pick up speed. Plus when was your last tune up? that can effect mileage as well. If you push the car and brake hard that will reduce mileage. What did you expect it is a piece of Jap Junk any way!

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     Could be your bad driving.

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    If temperatures are low it would use maybe 3l per 100 km from what would use in summer . 9-10 l per 100km summer and over 13l per 100km in winter 

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    Have a mechanic inspect it, it may be bad tires, make sure you are getting oil changed regularly ave him look at transmission maybe that needs to be reprogrammed if its an automatic which shouldnt be too expensive

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  • Anonymous
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    First off, start keeping a log of fill ups including the mileage on the odometer and the amount of fuel added in gallons.  That way you can calculate the exact mileage you are getting. The amount of money is irrelevant.

    The biggest reason for poor mileage is bad driving habits. In urban stop-and go driving if you shoot off like a jack rabbit every time, you'll get way worse mileage than if you accelerate less quickly and drive more steadily.  

    The highway mileage estimate is based on driving 55 mph. If you're going 70-75 most of the time you are going to get poor gas mileage.

    If you make a lot of short trips and the engine doesn't get up to normal operating temperature, you're going to get worse mileage.

    Make sure your tires are properly inflated. If they are under-inflated you'll get worse mileage.

    Make sure your engine is properly tuned up. Dirty filters, worn or incorrectly gapped spark plugs and other routine maintenance items that are ignored will reduce your mileage. 

    If you are carrying around a lot of extra weight in the trunk or inside the car, that reduces the efficiency. Get rid of anything you don't need to carry all the time.

    A worn high-mileage engine will get worse mileage.

    Dirty, worn or clogged fuel injectors will reduce fuel efficiency. 

  • Pearl
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    i would ask a mechanic to check it out

  • Anonymous
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    Plugs are likely fouled from city driving.  Replace the plugs and air filter.  Clean the MAF sensor with MAF sensor cleaner.  Get a scan tool and check for any codes.  See a mechanic if the mileage does not improve. 

    And once in a while, give your car an "Italian tune up".  Take it to Temecula and back on a weekend and let it rip.

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    All Honda motors have a common issue with tight valves and you need to adjust the valves every 60,000 miles.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
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