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What if Cuba decided to take back Guantanamo Bay? ?

How would the battle play out between just the US naval base and the Cuban military with no outside interference from the US military or any other country?


Its a hypothetical question

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    WE should not be in Cuba.. Why don't we go back and put a base in Vietnam, and ALL THE PLACES over the world where we Interfere with they politics and government.

    Lets put a base in Mexico and stop the ILLEGALS FROM COMING HERE. and one at their southern border to stop the S Americans from illegally coming here.

    Leta BAN ALL TRAVEL to and From Mexico to the states like we have the little PISSS ANT country of Cuba.

  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    There's no scenario in which the US military wouldn't intervene should Gitmo be overrun by the Cuban military.

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    Good Luck to that!

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  • KaleyK
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    8 months ago

    "What if" questions usually annoy me (and others).  But here is something to know ... the Cuban army (technically the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, never mind that the revolution was 60 years ago) operates more than 1,100 battle tanks, T55's and T62's.  The Cuban military could not stand against the US military for more than about 5 minutes but against the naval & Marine security forces at Guantanamo Bay, the 1,100 battle tanks would rule the day.  However, in the realm of reality, the massing of the tanks for an assault would be seen by surveillance assets and the US would react accordingly.  The security forces could be reinforced within a few hours and F-18 Super Hornets would rule the sky.  The Cuban attempt to take Guantanamo would be an epic failure. 

    Source(s): USMC, 2013-2017, Combat Logistics
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    then cuba would own the base in about 10 min

    you do know that there are cubans who go to work on the base everyday, right ?

  • Daniel
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    8 months ago

    And we have an early leader for stupidest question of the day.

    There is no scenario where there would be no interference from the US military when a US base is attacked.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    How could they try to take it back without any "outside interference" from the US military? I call "troll fail"!

    ETA: It might be a hypothetical question, but you added assumptions that make it totally asinine.

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    I don't see why they would want it, it's full of Islamic terrorists that would probably find the Cuban way of life very sinful.

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