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Should I see a doctor? ?

Over the summer I was in the doctor for stomach issues. I was nauseous, getting really hot randomly especially at night and in pain on both of my sides in very specific areas, I also have chest pains and other small symptoms. I ended up with a liver biopsy because my spleen was enlarged and my liver enzymes were weird. After a few months and lots of different doctors they determined I was probably fine and overreacting or pregnant (18 year old female with an IUD). Well it’s been a few months and I’ve done what they said to feel better and I don’t. I’m still nauseous and having trouble just feeling ok. Last night I was over heating and got sick quite a few times. Is it time to go back to a doctor or could it be a bug? 


I got my IUD when I was 16, this started after I turned 18 and planned parenthood has said everything looks perfect multiple times. 

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  • 8 months ago

    Do you only have this overheating problem at night when you are in the bed?

  • Aa
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    8 months ago

    See a doctor...…...

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  • Tavy
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    8 months ago

    An IUD can cause problems in some women. Have you looked it up. It's a foreign object in your womb.

  • y
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    8 months ago

    Time to go back. Hopefully they will find whatever is causing your issues.

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  • kelvin
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    8 months ago

    yes you should too see a good therapist

  • Elle
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    8 months ago

    Get the IUD out. Extra hormones are hard on the body.

  • Tulip
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    8 months ago

    How on earth would we know

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