Which Mesh Wifi system should I buy? I have google home and use android so I am leaning towards the google nest?


I want to have 2 wired and 1 wireless point the documentation for all systems is spotty at best. I tried linksys but after dozens of hours I could not get any of them to acknowledge the others existence. Looking for seamless plug and play. I have cable internet I want to put one wired device in my living room, one wired device in my back house and one wireless device in my kitchen but I want them to work as one network. 

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    10 months ago

    Home Mesh systems always run off one wired with the rest wireless.  They work extremely well in that configuration.  If you try to force extra wired nodes into traditional access points you will circumvent the most important advantage of having a mesh network, since it disables the mesh feature on the extra wired node.   I strongly suggest you do not try to do this.  The newer mesh systems are extremely powerful if you get one rated at AC1900 or higher.  A 3 node mesh system would be appropriate for a 4000+ SF house.   If your house is smaller than that I would suggest starting out with a 2 node system (One main router and 1 wireless node). 

    There's no real advantage of having android and the Google Nest Wifi, but if you get their newer AC2200 model it is a decent system.  Otherwise I do like the Netgear Orbi Mesh system.   

    I'm not sure if your back house is a separate structure or not, but if it's less than ~60 feet from a node then you might be fine. 

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