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What's going on with the computer?

After 2 years to load the Windows 7 it came back today.What can i do to repair it? I realize that the computer has 2 partitions, on is 273 G and only with 1,32 free, the other is 180 G with 169 free. I tried to build a burn recovery but i need 10 G free in the partition.

2-Only build the burn recovery dvd will format the computer?

3-Can i use a flash key instead of a dvd?

4-Why is the C: partition full as it has only 20G of programs? How to discover what's fulfilling the partition?

5-Is the Windows ID the Key product?

6-What can do a SIM card reader? Can it duplicate the SIM Card?

7-What's the Google contact?

8-What's happening to the Android?

We put on and only a 3D animation appears. The Android is not loading. Some resets were already done.

9-Is it difficult to unblock a cell phone? It was sold blocked to an operator.

10-Why can't i answer here? I write more than 15 characters and a message come saying that i must write 15 characters, i can't submit the answer. The same to update a question, do a comment etc.

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  • keerok
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    1. It wants to die. 

    Buy a new computer.

    2. You can format using any other partition program out there.

    3. USB thumb drive? Yes, if you can set it to boot from your computer.

    4. Use Windows Explorer to see the drive's contents.

    5. I don't think so.

    6. SIM cards are for phones. It's primary function is to supply the right settings to connect the phone to the phone company's network which includes providing the phone number.

    SIM card readers are used to collect other data like phonebook contents from the phone's records to a computer.

    7. A messaging service provided by Google using email?

    8. Android is an operating system for portable devices (cellphone and tablets). If you mess it up, your phone will not work, even if you reset it again and again.

    9. Yes if you don't know what you're doing. It is possible to render the phone irreversibly unusable if you get it wrong (just like in #8 above).

    10. Good for you! It seems Y! Answers can autodetect stupid answers. They're still probably working on the same kind of questions because it obviously doesn't work yet.


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    10 months ago

    one question per question please.

    please try to follow the rules you agreed to when you signed up.

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