Is $27,500 a good price for a mustang GT?

I've been looking for a mustang for a few weeks and came across one that I really liked. I'm new to mustangs so I'm trying to see if this certain one is good for the price or if it's to high. It's a 2015 mustang GT Premium with the performance pack 1, manual with 45,000 miles on it and after going to see it , the lowest they originally wanted was $27,980 for it . Has no warranty and the one they offer is $1,200. Which covers pretty much everything. Went to talk to them about the price and after some talking I was able to get the price to $26,500 plus the warranty which would bring the total to $27,500. Is that a fair deal ?

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    A certified pre-owned list retail for $26,875 and one that is not certified list retail for $25,100. If this is a private seller then it is worth no more than $22,775. Any way you look at it they are asking too much. Offer a dealer $24,000 and walk away if they refuse that offer. Offer a private seller $22,000 and walk if they refuse. Read any warranty they offer very carefully as some are worthless. Also have a trusted mechanic check the car out even though it has low miles. Those could be really hard driven miles. It very well may need a new clutch. 

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    Clean retail (what a dealer would ask for, but not necessarily get) should be right at $27k (without a warranty).  Trade in price should've been around $24k-$24.5k , (could be quite a bit lower though if this car came from an auction)   A realistic selling price would be $25.5K  to a little over $26k.(maybe a little less depending on what they have in the car). 

    I would be very, very wary of a third party warranty. These have a bad reputations for a reason. If the warranty is manufacturer-based (I.E. comes from Ford), then that's somewhat better. 

    I think a realistic target price without the warranty would be right around $25k.  If you want the warranty I would pay no more than $750 for it. Extended warranties are over 80% profit (based on the projected actual payout for the average customer) So some places will negotiate on their prices. 

    You might want to consider a 2016 model with Sync 3. It's way better than the older MyFord Touch.

    Source(s): Sold cars for a living at one point. Drive a 2016 Mustang GT Premium/PP
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    Unless it has the GT 50 badge I would have to say it is over priced! The mileage is not high, but I can find a lot of 2015 Mustang GT's for less and with lower mileage. As for the warranty- often these cost more then you will pay out in repairs for their duration.

    Shop a little longer, if you can afford the price the odds are that you can find a Mustang Gt 50 for the not much more. That GT 50 sticker is worth it as far as I am concerned.

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    watch out for those warranties

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    Depends on condition and trim.  Do some research.




    V6 Coupe 


    EcoBoost Coupe 


    EcoBoost Coupe Premium 


    V6 Convertible 


    GT Coupe 


    EcoBoost Convertible Premium 




    GT Coupe Premium 


    GT Convertible Premium 


    GT 50 Years Limited Edition 


    Source(s): Depends on trim and condition. Do so
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    It is a little high.  Even with navigation and leather, I would limit it to $25,000.

    Always worried over the previous owner of a car like that.  There is a lot of potential for automobile abuse.

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    the vehicle is close to five years old. I would not spend that much money on any five year old vehicle. You can do your own valuation. Try Kelley Blue Book. Input all of the information on your vehicle and get a retail price. They will also list similar vehicles available for sale.

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    No, that is kind of pricey. I looked it up on KBB, and though I don't have the VIN to know all the options, a 2015 GT PP1 manual with 45k miles, in good condition, should be around $20-22k. I would not pay $26,500 base. The same car with a "Very Good" condition is up to $23k at most. Hope this helps.

    I drive a Mustang GT myself, great car, I just don't want you to overpay by $4-5k. Either try negotiating down a few thousand, or look elsewhere.

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    I would never buy a used sports car.

    Compare prices on Kelly blue book and Edmunds

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    thats alot of money for a used car dude .. i sure as hell wouldnt do that ...

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    Check and

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