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please this herpes?!?!?! ?

i posted this yesterday but out of all the things people post here they removed mine. i had unprotected sex on november 6th, he told me last week he did test positive for hsv2 but he had no outbreaks or anything... i would never have slept with him if he told me that before so please don’t come at me with that... every other time was with a condom cause we recently started having sex, i don’t know if i had a prior std before him cause i did have yellow discharge but i didn’t think anything of it... i did a blood test before him and i tested negative for the big ones like herpes and hiv.. so this popped up yesterday after work... a few weeks ago i was itching and burning when i pee with a bad discharge smell. it was yellow and orangy now it’s orange but something thick white. he came in me and everything i’m so upset about all this and i have no one to talk to. i’m 19 i just moved out of my state and now this is happening... what could this be??? is it herpes? it doesn’t hurt or itch and there’s no actual blisters. will a emergency room do a std test even without a ID? (i lost mine moving here) please help me. serious please i can’t stop crying. i’m so upset and feel so gross. 


also i know the picture is TMI i’m just hoping it helps anyone who can relate or has related.... i’m already so embarrassed 

Update 2:

P.S if someone wants to email me to help if you can in case they take it down again please do... 

Update 3: 💀

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    You can go see a doctor or gyno and get this tested for herpes. You'll be waiting for ever in an ER room as herpes isn't seen as an emergency to them.

    The symptoms don't match with herpes, because herpes doesn't cause discharge. It might be thrush or BV, which can cause similar symptoms to herpes. Do see a doctor, ask them to test you for herpes. If you still have the bumps on your genitals let them know so they can give you a swab test for herpes. 

    Some people think that questions like this seam troll ish, also if you post pics of your genitals on here you can get reported for that. You also shouldn't put your email on here, any troll or any one on here (not me cause I don't do that) could get into your email account.

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    There is no discharge with herpes ding dong

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    In some states you can file a lawsuit if a partner didn't tell you about their STD. You should consider suing if it turns out you really have herpes.

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