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Best places to travel in parts of Canada and New York?

We live in Australia and are going to Canada for the honeymoon, we are cruising Alaska, doing Vancouver, road tripping the Rockies, going to Calgary, going to Niagra Falls then back down to Toronto and then 4 days in New York to finish it off.

We will be going when it's summer over there in June/July.

We are going for 5 weeks all up.

Can you suggest best places to go in some of the locations from experiences and what you have heard?

Thank you!

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    If you can work it into your schedule, include a side trip to Munising, Michigan and take the Pictured Rocks boat cruise.  It's a good day trip.

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    Don't miss Banff/Lake Louise area. Probably one of the most beautiful place in the Rockies. As you know, The Rockies are in Canada not NY. You can get a rental car for the trip but I would suggest some flying or train travel (especially in Canada) due to the miles/km traveled.

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    Have you looked at how far apart Calgary is from Niagara Falls ? If you're driving the whole trip, that's 3,500 KM between the two, and it's going to take days of *nothing but driving* to cover that distance. And, there aren't many car rental firms that will allow their cars to be taken so far from where they were rented.

    Further, without knowing what kinds of touristic experiences you are interested in, it's not really possible to make good suggestions. What I might want to see in those places could be very different from what you would want to see.

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    In Toronto, there is a castle that is open for tours. It's called Casa Loma. I also recommend Skylon Tower at Niagra Falls. I recommend parking up the hill on the Canadian side and walking down.  You have a lot scheduled for 5 weeks.

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    i think theyre all good places to travel to

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    I can only speak of Niagara Falls. ( I live there)

    Depending when you arrive, there are fireworks every weekend, and every night during summer. The local casino on American side has the BEST 4th of July fireworks.

    On the Canadian side:

    Best View of the Horseshoe or Canadian falls (The big one)

    Many tourist trap businesses; (Mini putt, T shirt shops "Museums"

    More crowded, more expensive.

    American side;

    Best views of American and Bridal Veil falls.

    Many hiking trails. Much more free activities.

    You can use ride-sharing (Uber or Lyft) on either side of the border, but you can not take one over the bridge.

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    You'll have trouble finding parking in New York.

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