Thoughts on the latest episode of survivor island of the idols and Karishma exit?

I think it sucked that it wssnt a visit to sandra and boston rob day, but the faniky visit was dope and nouras ideas had potential but became a disaster. I wish Noura wouldve went instesd of Karishma. Karishma was my favorite player and shes an underdog. I think its pretty similar to Nicole Anthony in BB 21 where shes bullied and even any little concern for her wss nonexistent by the other player. And Noura would be like Cristy Murphy. But ya I love Karishma and I hope for the best for her.

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  • Pete
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    8 months ago
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    They should have kept Karishma until the very end.  She's the perfect person to have sitting next to you on the finale, because nobody on the jury would award her the $million. 

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