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Is he just trying to make friends?

I was eating on my own and he asked if he can eat with me; we don’t know each other really well at all. We tried to get to know each other, but there were few awkward pauses. 

We have also been waving/ smiling whenever we pass each other in hallways for the past 6 months. Is he trying to make friends or is he interested? I feel that if a guy was interested he would have made a move by now.

He is a year ahead of me in school and he already has many friends, I am not sure why would he want to be friends with me... do guys just befriend random girls?

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  • Pearl
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    8 months ago
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    maybe he wants to get to know you

  • JuanB
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    8 months ago

    He is interested.  There are people at the school who see you together and already just assuming that you 2 are an item.  So he's got to be okay with people thinking that.

  • 8 months ago

    It sounds like he is interested in MAKING FRIENDS/

  • 8 months ago

    There is no question he is interested.  And I am willing to guess that all those awkward pauses are generally your fault.  Being a guy makes you have to initiate conversation and when the person you are talking to doesn't want to talk, you get those awkward pauses.  Chances are he is super shy so if you are open to the idea of dating, you might have to lead him to the idea of hanging out outside of school.  I mean give the guy a break, he has been making the effort.

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  • Chanel
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    8 months ago

    Time will tell and school does not last forever.

    Once you have left school there will be plenty of time for you to play the dating game.

  • W
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    8 months ago

    Sometimes but not often. He's probably scared to do anything for fear you'll accuse him of being sexually molesting you. Welcome to 2019.

  • 8 months ago

    High school? It can take a guy a full year to ask a girl out. It's that scary. If you like him and want to speed things up, you need to throw huge hints. Subtlety is lost on guys who self-doubt.

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