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DO you think carrying a GP-5 gas mask is a great idea?

I ordered a GP-5 gas mask and am amazed at how useful it has been. I ordered it before I went to Chile as I was planning to go to a Volcano and did not know if there would be toxic fumes there. Once I got it I decided to test it when I am around smokers.  Interestingly I do not smell their cigarettes and I do not cough anymore. I also use it when I work with lye or Phosphoric Acid not just because of the fumes but also just in case the acid were to splash into my face. There are times I have found it is easier to breath with the gas mask then without it.

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    Sort of because it's a good-to-wear mask. You can also carry it to show other people

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    If you were age 18 in 1960, The Collective Service made every available male to register for the draft. I was a senior in college and was still drafted. I was a pre-medical student, and the US Army drafted me and sent me to the Chemical Corps. There I became an instructor in chemical and biological warfare.Today's gas masks are more advanced and makes it easy to breathe. Part of my job was to study and record facts on different countries's issue of gas masks. The US gas masks in 1960 proved to be superior at not allowing any leakage of gas, smoke inside the mask. Germany had the next best gas masks and carried it in a large, black metal cylinder. The Chinese gas masks at that time failed most tests. Teaching soldiers how to prepare to put on a gas masks in so-many-seconds was a challenge. The team I was assigned to would add tear gas inside bombs of colored smoke to teach soldiers to grab their gas masks as quickly as possible. Some lazy soldiers had filled their gas-mask pouch with cigarettes and candy and were really in pain when they felt tear gas. Then and maybe still, a supply officer could get a new gas mask if he/she had a defective mask. Somehow, I got a used Army gas mask after my 2 years in the US Army. I kept the gas mask until it began to tear and leak.


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    It only works for particle contamination, if the oxygen is displaced by fumes or vapors, you will not be protected.

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