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Windows 7 to Windows 10. When I logged on this morning, I found a message (large) from Microsoft re W.7 no longer being supported from?

some time next month. I have no intention of buying a new computer at this point (there's nothing wrong with it!) so if I eventually load W.10, will my pictures etc. transfer to that system or will I lose it all once leaving W.7? I haven't got into backing up before. All this sounds like 'blackmail' - parting me from money I DO NOT HAVE spare atm. I need somebody sensible to advise me please.

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    Upgrading to windows 10 is seamless as they have worked out all the bugs over the years.   All your personal files will be perfectly fine.  Windows 10 upgrades do not delete anything.  It saves everything.

    THERE IS NO BLACKMAIL, MICROSOFT IS STILL (quietly) GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE. I know this to be 100% true as I have upgraded dozens of PC's including one just yesterday.  

    Go to this website Click "Download this Tool" execute the program and go through the upgrade process.  Windows 10 will fully activate no payment needed as long as your old Windows 7 licence is valid.

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    You'll be fine. Support for Windows 7 is ending next year but your computer will still operate. Keep your anti-virus and other software up to date. Safe internet practices should keep your PC safe from malware.

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    Stick to win7. No support, no problem. Good riddance with updates, set it off now. I'm still on XP. Just make sure your antivirus is updated all the time and be very cautious where you go in the internet.

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    you don't need to upgrade your PC (as you noted, it still works). but you DEFINITELY need to have a working and up-to-date antivirus, even a free one is fine.

    and you should be extra careful while online. 7 won't get security updates as often, so you will be more vulnerable.

    DO NOT put Win10 on a Win7 computer, i implore will NOT be happy with it. it requires a much faster CPU, and an SSD instead of HDD to run even close to as fast as Win7. Win10 does tons more in the background, which can slow a fast computer to a crawl quickly.

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    One option is to just keep with Win 7. No support, but it's stable by now. You will need to keep a current antivirus to protect, but should be okay. Upgrading to Win 10 is an option, but some PCs encounter error messages so it's not automatic. And if you upgrade now you will need to buy a win 10 license, usually available on EBAY for a reasonable price.

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    Sensible answer: There is NO blackmail going on here. What is happening is that Windows 7 will be EOL (End of Life) early next year. That means that Microsoft will no longer support, patch, or update Windows 7. That does NOT mean that your PC will stop working or that you are forced to upgrade. You can continue to use Windows 7 until the end of time and it will still work.

    However, Microsoft will not help you at all after the EOL date. So if someone later on finds a massive security problem with Windows 7, MS will not fix it.

    Microsoft prefers that you upgrade to Windows 10, but you're not required. Your PC will still function as normal after the EOL date. If you do decide to upgrade your PC to Windows 10, your documents and files will be saved. Programs typically are saved unless they're known to be incompatible with W10 and will be erased. However, whether or not you are performing an upgrade, it is still prudent to have a backup of your important data.

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    then it's time to try out linux......

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    Most, if not all of your files should transfer seamlessly. I opted for the free upgrade when Windows 10 first came out, and I didn't lose any of my files. However, it would be a good idea to back up any files you care about to a flash drive just in case something goes wrong during the upgrade.

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