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Thermodynamics help?

A rigid 1m^3 container stores 20kg of saturated liquid R-134a that is equilibrated at 30 degrees Celsius with its surroundings. Later, a leak is found, causing half of the mass of the R-134a to be lost and also causing pressure to drop to 300 kPa. Find the temperature of the R-134a after the leak is discovered. 

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    You'll need the vapor liquid data for R-134A.  After half the liquid is gone, you still have a mixture of vapor and liquid in the container.  Since the pressure is 300 kPa, you look at the vapor liquid data to find the corresponding saturated vapor pressure which is between 0C and 2C according to the table I found.  As the container warms back up to 30C, the pressure increases back to 771 kPa.

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