Am I getting fired?, the boss hasn't texted me all week?

I work at  apet day care and have been working there for nearly four months.A month ago, my boss hired a manager (its a small business so we never really have had a manager before).This manager is horrible, she belittles me, blames  things on me and continually lectures me about things when we both have the same certifications.I heard one day, the manager bad-mouthing me to the boss and I think the boss believes it because I usually work casually with a minimum of 15 hrs and max 30 hrs and it went down to 8 last week.The boss always texts me every night telling whether she needs me or not but  she hasn't even texted me at all this week and last week I saw trial shifts for new employees.Maybe its just my Anxiety kicking in or there is something going on.


my payment which was due on monday for last week still hasn't gone in either

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  • 10 months ago

    Here's the problem

    You have gotten yourself caught up in a feud with your manager, its a dangerous game you are playing here because she is YOUR boss, getting on her bad side is a very bad omen. It doesn't matter that you both have the same certifications, the fact is she is your superior, she holds a title higher up and one in which means she has a big time say in whether or not you keep your job. I'm not defending her, I'm sure she's hard to work with and everything else you have said, but I also feel you are equally part of this problem.

    Here's the thing when it comes to employee vs management, the higher ups will usually side with the manager in most cases of conflict! This case doesn't seem any different or out of the norm as far as how business tactics role. Are you getting fired? No I wouldn't say that, if you were, your boss would come to you directly to tell you that you are 100% out of a job, alas she hasn't. Are you treading on thin ice? Big time! Your boss isn't thrilled with you (and for good reason), you are proving you can't be trusted to behave yourself at work, so your hours are reduced UNTIL you can show to your boss you can be an adult and do your job.

    You want you're 15-30 hours back? It starts with you shutting your mouth and not engaging in a feud with your new manager, that needs to stop! You come to work on time, you work hard, keep your thoughts to yourself, and when your shift is done you leave. You don't have any legs left to stand on here, you go at her one more time and I can assure you that its YOU who is toast, not her. If you feel she's bullying you and blaming things on you that you haven't done, then you document them verbatim and you go to your upper manager with it like an adult.

    I'll give you an example of how to behave like a professional- My manager chewed me out earlier tonight, he blamed me for leaving early the other night despite my shift being over at 8pm and me staying 20 mins past close, and despite me making 100% sure everything was done. I knew I hadn't done anything wrong and he was on a power trip, but I didn't argue with him or contradict him, because had I done that it would have resulted in him going to his boss and reporting me, and guess what would have happened? I'd at the very least be written up, if not terminated. I bit my tounge, listened to what he had to say and politely said "point taken", he thanked me and then left. That is what YOU need to do here.

    As for your pay? I think you need to go to HR and explain when you were supposed to be paid and that the money isn't in your account. Bring your written hours down, as well as the amount you are owed, they will have your pay staub on file, and should be able to put the money into your account right away.

  • 10 months ago

    There is definitely something going on. It is normal you feel anxious. Deminishing work load is a really bad sign. Did they cut your pay too? I wonder if what they are doing is legal then. But change of ceo or boss can be nerve wrecking. They might want to hire other people, yes. They are politely asking you to quit... why don't you give your notice and find a better place to work? In my experience, life is too short to work for shitty people

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    If you haven't been paid, I would be talking to the boss.  Companies do not get the choice when they are going to pay you, governments view that as wage theft.

    If the manager doesn't like you and the boss listens to them, I would be looking for another job, your time there is likely limited.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Why not call & ask?

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  • 10 months ago

    If your job is just 30 hours a week, it is not much of a job, now is it?

    You say you have certifications, so why not quit the unsatisfactory job, and move on?

    I'd just fax out my resumes to as many agencies as I could, and hope for the best.

    Then I'd go and tell my former boss just exactly what I thought of her, and her totally unprofessional behavior.

    Best wishes to you.

    Merry Christmas.

    Go ask her for your wages.  Why are you hesitating?

  • 10 months ago

    Daycare jobs are absurdly easy to find. Why would you even care? Just get another job if it's gotten to be an issue where you are.

  • 10 months ago

    Yep, it sounds like you're being stealth-fired.

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