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What happens if I don't pay an insurance company car accident fees?

I recently bought a brand new car. I was turning left at a signal light that had no turn arrow so I waited for all cars to pass so I can safely turn. As soon as the light hit orange and was almost red I made my turn because the cars going straight are suppose to stop since their light is almost at a red too. So I turned left and out of no where some guy hit my car as I was turning, meaning he ran a red light to try and make it while I was still in the middle of the street waiting to turn. And when I did he stepped on it which caused the accident. 

OF COURSE I had no insurance at the one time the accident happens. I was in the process of switching insurance companies. Lets just say my car parts aren't all that affordable. The accident was kinda bad, my airbags went out since he was coming at me full speed and my bumper is all messed up. I busted my lip. I asked him why he stepped on it when he saw me coming and he stuttered and said "he had a long day".

The accident wasn't my fault, but he was insured and I wasn't. I'm assuming since I am illegally driving without insurance its all my fault now. I live in California so I'm not sure what the laws are here. 

About 4 months later his insurance company calls me saying I owe them $9,000 and how I can start a payment plan. I've told them the accident wasn't my fault several times but they wont listen. I don't know what to do. What if I don't pay them the money? Can they arrest me? What if I don't show up in court? HELP.

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    You should be tarred and feathered for not having insurance

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    It was your fault for not paying attention and for turning left in front of him. If you don't pay they can take you to civil court to collect the money.

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    First.  Your car does not have to be insured in order to collect from someone else's insurance.

    Second.  The other guy's insurance has determined that YOU were at fault.  Your determination that the other guy was at fault DOES NOT COUNT.  You do not have the right to make a determination as to who was at fault.  That right is given to the involved insurance companies.  Since you have no insurance company, it is no surprise that the other insurance company determined YOU to be at fault.

    What can you do?  Since you were stupid and drove while uninsured and have nobody to fight for you, you can either fight them alone or hire a lawyer to fight for you.  Good luck with either.   In my opinion, It would be best for you to make arrangements to pay the $9,000.00 because you are not going to win.  

    You ask what will happen if you don't pay the $9000.00 ?

    What will happen is you will be sued.  If you are sued, you will lose.  Your wages will be garnished and your credit will be ruined.  You will lose your license, you will find it difficult and very expensive to buy insurance in the future.  You either have already received a ticket for driving uninsured or you will soon receive a ticket.  (How do you spell completely screwed?)

    Finally;  You were almost certainly at fault.  It is not allowed to turn left until the oncoming traffic has cleared or has stopped at the light or sign.  It would be best for you to make arrangements to pay the $9,000.00

    NOTE:  You say this was a "brand new car".  Was the car financed?  If it was, how can it be that it was not insured?   Lenders always insist that their debtors carry (at least) collision and comprehensive coverage.  Often, if they find that their debtor's insurance has lapsed or has not been paid they will buy coverage for the car themselves.  You should check with them (your lender) to see if they insured the car.  If so, you will be off the hook for the $9,000.00 but will have to pay the (expensive) insurance that they bought for you. 

    "Foolish is what foolish does"

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    A: You took to much for-granted. If you do not pay they will cancel the policy which will make it harder to get new coverage, best advice is pay the extra fee.

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    You cannot be arrested and cannot be jailed.  The insurance company can only sue you and get a judgment against you.  If you have nothing, they can collect nothing.  But your credit will be ruined for 10 years.

    Source(s): Retired claims adjuster.
  • Anonymous
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    .  you were at fault - I'm sure the police cited you.

    .  you can never assume that the other driver will do what you want the to, legal or must assume they will not do what you expect.

    . "of course" you had no insurance.  Really?  Sad.

    .  you were "in the process of switching insurance companies"????? Sounds more like you let your coverage lapse and didn't buy a new policy.

    If you really had insurance on your old car, policies cover the purchase of a new car automatically - most give you 30 to 45 days to report the new car to them.  

    .  Yes, you owe.  Likely that no insurance company will want you in the future - but doesn't sound like that will bother you.

    .  If the new car is financed - I don't know of any bank or loan company that does not require Full Coverage on any financed car.  They have every right to repossess the car and you will not only owe for the damage, but the car has depreciated and you no doubt owe more than it is now worth.  They can sue you for that, too.

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    You get sued ,they garnish your pay, your credit is ruined and in my state they will suspend your drivers license.

    * just wait see ...lawsuits take time ,Sparky.

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    What does the police report say? If they take you to court and you don't show up they get a default judgement which means they have a legal document that says you owe them $9000 and they can garnish your wages to get it. If you were driving without insurance and it's required in your state, you could well be fkd.

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    You made several mistakes by your own admission. First, you let the existing insurance lapse before you got the new insurance activated. I trust you learned from that error.

    Then you presumed the oncoming driver would stop because the light was changing to red. You don't presume a driver is about to stop, you look the driver in the eye and see that he's stopping before you make a turn in front of him.

    If you truly owe the other driver's insurance company $9000, then you truly need to pay that or they can take some sort of legal action against you, e.g., a lien on your property. But you need to check you really owe them that money? Get a lawyer ASAP and let him work it out.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    So you didn't file a police report when the accident happened and now don't have any evidence to support your claims. Great job, you're screwed. Insurance companies also pay for big expensive lawyers, meaning you're double screwed without them.

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