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Declawing a polydactyl cat?

He has two extra toes on each front paw and both have claws, so 4 extra claws total. He's forever getting them stuck, and the two inner claws are thick as hell and would curl under and into his paw pads if not for me constantly checking them and cutting them. Luckily, they grow really slow so I only have to cut them about once every 2 months or so but...HE HATES IT. I get bit, scratched, he wines, snaps, goes crazy. I have to wrap him in a blanket and cover his eyes, so for 4 claws, it's a 20-30 minute process of cutting, keeping him calm, him freaking out, cutting, UGH.

Is it worth it to just get these claws out? They are useless. I would never EVER declaw the rest of him, this is just for his extra claws only.

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    It's not exactly necessary and the vet will more than likely still charge you for full declaw, not only for the 4. And it's EXPENSIVE. If you only have to do the 4 every few months, I would save the cash and just keep doing what you're doing, or take your cat to a professional groomer and get tips from them. I think a claw trim is very cheap, at least in my area ($10-20) and that may be a better price to pay than having your kitty go through surgery. 

    It's also never too late to try and get your cat to see claw trims as good things. When I adopted an older kitten (7 months) he already HATED his paws touched. My husband would hold out some tuna or other tasty treat we had on hand and I would touch his paws to associate it with good things. He's still not 100% down with claw trims, but he doesn't struggle as much anymore if you wave a treat in front of his nose for after! I also do it side-by-side, not grab him and force him. He likes this method better and will more often than not, sit calmly and wait for me to finish, treat, done. He's now almost 4 and takes it like a champ.

    So give that a shot and good luck :)

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    See a vet for advice.

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    The don't take the claws out, they clip the ends of the toe bones off. In many states it is now illegal to declaw cats. You'll have to call your veterinarian to see if they would consider doing the procedure.

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    How old is he? Declawing tends to be harder on adults, although it's not something I'm a fan of for any age cat.

    Consider asking your vet for a mild sedative you can give at home on nail trim days. Or just take him in and let the staff handle the nail trim, themselves. Some cats will fight their owners, but freeze up when they're handled by unfamiliar people.

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    i might consider that, though any surgery is risky for them

    or maybe you could just locate a cat manicurist and let them do it. 

    there's such a thing as cat manicurists, right? 

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