If a tv show wants to hire you but you havent been on much tv before, can you qualify for an O1B visa?

I've been trying to move to america, but didnt qualify for a visa, ive submitted for a show and ive met the producers and they seem eager to get me on the show as a performer. 

Will I be able to get a visa if they do decide they want me? I don't have much savings, I have been on tv in ireland a couple times, but nothing huge. IS there a different visa that would work better?


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  • 8 months ago

    No.  You might qualify for an O visa if you are already a famous TV star, but not because a show wants to hire you for a part. 

    Another answer is correct and if the producers of the TV show want to hire you they have to sponsor you for a work visa,  You cannot apply for the visa on your own.  

  • 8 months ago

    It is up to the producer to file the employment visa application. They will work with your agent & manager to prepare the paperwork. You MUST be internationally renowned to qualify! E.g. your agent will give the producers all your published reviews from publications around the world, you will produce proof of your drama school graduation & other professional training, etc. 

    IF you meet all requirements, and IF you are ultimately approved for a temporary employment visa, such as an O-class visa, you will be allowed into the US long enough to fulfill your contracted appearances/performances. You are NOT "moving" to US. E.g. say you have 6 weeks of rehearsals for a Broadway play, and it bombs, closes after one night or one week - you go home the next day.

    When you are famous as Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson, and repeatedly getting work, then you might eventually get to remain in US, eventually adjust status to legal permanent resident & get a green card. There are very, few Celine Dions or Emma Watsons & the like.

    BTW, little filming is actually done on location in US anymore. Lots of TV shows are filmed in Canada. Lots of movies filmed on location in a variety of countries. You would only be allowed into US long enough to film those scenes actually on-location in US - which often is zero days for an entire production!

  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    The studio or production company would have to sponsor your visa. Given that so many foreign actors appear in US productions they're clearly able to get visas if the entity producing the show wants them badly enough.

  • martin
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    8 months ago

    Leave this up to the company who are asking to use you on TV. They can file applications to allow you into the country to work.

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