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Why do so many no-name Asian companies appear to sell the exact same product?

There's a project I'm working on that I hope to sell in the future, which is a modified and improved version of an existing product. But while trying to find who owns the actual intellectual property to the original product in question, all I could find were countless companies based in Asia selling the same thing.

This seems to be an increasingly prominent issue on Amazon, where I've noticed numerous listings of the same product, with the same pictures, same descriptions, and similar prices. How is it that none of these companies have been sued yet?

For example, a simple search for "tactical gloves" on Amazon will bring up dozens of the same product being sold by different companies, the only difference being their brand name stiched on the same place on the wrist.

My guess would be that they buy wholesale from the same place. But is there any way to find out exactly what place that might be?

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    I seriously doubt you could enforce any sort of intellectual property when it comes to gloves. This would be why there is an array of similar or identical looking products.

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    Same thing happens in the US...

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