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What type of bunny should I get?

I have done lots of research and will be keeping it in a 16 sq ft pen. The shelter near me has lots of bunnies, as they were recently rescued from a hoarder that was breeding them. I was wondering what Kind of bun I should get. I want a small bun that I can take with me places, but also an affectionate bun, that is also known for being social.  

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    See if Bugs Bunny is available.

  • 8 months ago

    I suggest meeting individual rabbits and deciding based on individual personality. Rescues are typically mixed breed anyway so there is no telling temperament based on breed.

    It is the rare rabbit that tolerates being taken around with their owner. They much prefer the security of their own space. But the super outgoing rabbits do exist. Talk to the rescue. They typically know the personalities of each of their rabbits so they can steer you toward some possibilities. Again, it requires meeting the individual rabbit. (If it is just a generic shelter and not a rabbit rescue, they probably  won't know the rabbits as well.)

    Everyone wants an affectionate rabbit, but this has nothing to do with breed. You'll have to find a rabbit that likes you. Again, meeting them is the way to go.

    The pen that squares to 16 square ft can be made larger by making use of an existing wall. You can see how this is done here:

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