Why do so many classical music and opera fans hate Katherine Jenkins so much?

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  • Me2
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Among classical and opera fans is a faction with very parochial attitudes, who react with disdain to other types of music and those who create or perform it.  As Jenkins doesn't restrict herself to classical works, she's gotten flak from that group.  One commenter said of an early album (about 3rd or 4th) that she should have left "that crap" out of it.

    Canadian tenor Ben Heppner happened to perform a pop song on a local daytime talk show, and mentioned that he'd never done that kind of thing before.  The number and nastiness of comments on that one instance was absurd, far more than any of his operatic performances ever received.  To the best of my knowledge, he never did it again.

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