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Is this rash serious?

Neck rash on baby. Is it serious? Or a common rash? 


Contacting pediatrician but my appt is Monday. Not sure if I should take him sooner to er or something?

Update 2:

It was a spit up rash caused by formula. Apparently I hadn't noticed it was dripping down to the back of his neck when he spit up and it caused this. Always check their necks is my advice for new moms. I had no idea! The rash has gone away completely now! :) 

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    In most cases - if it is serious - the baby would also have a fever.  If there is no fever, then there is a very good chance that this rash is an allergic reaction to something that has touched the baby's skin or something that the baby has taken.

    When you made the appointment - did you ask to talk to a nurse to be sure you could wait for the appointment.  Talking to a nurse will usually be the BEST advice that you could get about how serious this might be or if it is safe to wait a few days.If you have given the baby any new medications or foods - STOP those at once and call the doctor for further advice.If you have used any different detergents on blankets that might have touched the baby's skin - then re-wash those in a detergent that the baby has been exposed to without issues.  Maybe the baby was laid on a pillow that was washed in a different detergent than what you use on the baby's clothes?  

    If you changed baby shampoos that might be the issue.  

    And when looking at detergent's - be sure to watch out for "new and improved formula" on labels.  Sometimes your usual brand makes a change in the formula and it can cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin.

    When in doubt - going to the doctor sooner is always the best idea but if the baby is not showing any other signs of distress or discomfort - then it is probably just a simple rash. 

    I believe a phone call to talk to a nurse is the best idea.  The nurse should be able to let you know if you should seek an actual appointment sooner instead of waiting for Monday.

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    It may be an allergy to a fabric that touched their neck, such as a shirt or blanket. Just use diaper cream on the rash until it goes away, and try to figure out what item caused it. If it gets worse, call your doctor.

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    Has there been any outbreaks of plague where you live?

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    i would take your baby to the doctors and get it checked out

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    Doctor, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i would take her to the doctor and let them check it out

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