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1.When Louis Terman brought the IQ test to the U.S., the prevailing idea was that intelligence was innate. Discuss the impact of this thinking and how you could refute this idea using the concepts of biasing and standardization. What serious social issues could this type of thinking produce? 

2. A new idea of intelligence is emotional intelligence. Explain what it measures, and compare and contrast it to Gardner’s idea of interpersonal intelligence.

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    1) IQ tests are really used to measure how well you can so to solve IQ tests and arent really indicative of actual intelligence. However, if people put value/stock into IQ tests, then people who score high will be toited as geniuses, while people who score low are treated like dumbasses. This in turn will affect their self esteem and their views of themselves. 

    You can refute it easily in 2 ways. First is the Chitling Test. It basically shows how culture can impact your knowledge, and those who grew up differently will know different things. The second way is Einstein's "if you judge a fish by how well it can climb trees it will consider itself an idiot". Standardized Testing doesn't appeal to everyone's strengths (john oliver did a bit on this as well to show more into.) 

    2) emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your own emotions, and those around you, as well as use them to help achieve. Ever had a feeling you didn't understand? Someone with emotional intelligence would, as well as know the cause and how to address it. Think Jason from The Good Place. 

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