I need help in geometry ?

The epicenter of an earthquake is the point on Earth's surface directly above the earthquake's origin. A seismograph can be used to determine the distance to the epicenter of an earthquake. Seismographs are needed in three different places to locate an earthquake's epicenter. Find the location of the earthquake's epicenter if it is 4 miles away from A(5,2), 3 miles away from B(−2,2), and 5 miles away from C(1,−3).


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  • 8 months ago

    I can't give you a compass through my computer, kid. Triangulation is super easy if you have a compass.

  • Ron
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    8 months ago

    You draw circles around each point where the radii correspond to the distances given.  The idea is that you know how far the epicenter is from each station, you just don't know which direction the earthquake came from.  Each circle represents the set of all the points that could be where the epicenter is.  Where the circles intersect is the one point that is the right distance from all three stations.  Two circles would intersect at two points.  The third circle shows which point is the epicenter.

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