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A massless spring with force constant

604 N/m is fastened at its left end to a vertical

wall, as shown below.

The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s



604 N/m

Initially, the 8 kg block and 5 kg block rest

on a horizontal surface with the 8 kg block in

contact with the spring (but not compressing  it) and with the 5 kg block in contact with the

8 kg block. The 8 kg block is then moved to

the left, compressing the spring a distance of

0.6 m, and held in place while the 5 kg block

remains at rest as shown below. Determine the elastic energy U stored in

the compressed spring.

Answer in units of J. 


2. The 8 kg block is then released and accelerates

to the right, toward the 5 kg block. The

surface is rough and the coefficient of friction

between each block and the surface is 0.5 . The

two blocks collide, stick together, and move

to the right. Remember that the spring is not

attached to the 8 kg block.

Find the speed of the 8 kg block just before

it collides with the 5 kg block.

Answer in units of m/s.

3. Find the final speed of both blocks (stuck

together) just after they collide.

Answer in units of m/s.

4. Find the horizontal distance the blocks move

before coming to rest.

Answer in units of m.

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