Consider the following two half-reactions and their standard reduction potentials, and answer the three questions below.?

a)Calculate E° for the spontaneous redox reaction that occurs when these two half-reactions are coupled. __________V

b)Calculate the value of ΔG° for the reaction. __________kJ

c)Determine the equilibrium constant for the reaction.  

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  • 8 months ago

    A spontaneous reaction must have a positive Eo. To get a a spontaneous reaction, you will flip the second half-reaction over, change the sign of its Eo and add them together.

    Eo = 1.766 - 1.673 = 0.093 V

    b) ΔG° = -n F Eo where n is the number of electron in the balanced equation and F is Faraday's constant. Since one half reaction has 2 electrons and the other 3, the balanced equation will involve the transfer of 6 electrons. 

    ΔG° = -6 (96485 J/Vmol) (0.093 V) = -5.38X10^4 J/mol or -53.8 kJ/mol

    c) ΔG° = - RT ln Keq

    -5.38X10^4 J = -8.314 J/molK (298 K) ln Keq

    lnKeq = 21.73

    Keq = 2.74X10^9

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