A statics project questions, help me, please :)?

1- A machine that fills can with soda fills according to a normal model with mean 12.1 ounces and standard deviation 0.05 ounces if the cans claim to have 12 ounces of soda each, what percent of cans are underfilled (draw picture).

2-  A headline in a local newspaper announced "video game playing can lead to better spatial reasoning abilities" the article reported that a study found "statistically significant differences" between teens who play video games and teens who do not, with teens who play video game testing better in spatial reasoning. Do you think the headline was appropriate? Briefly explain.

3-A consumer group wants to see if a new education program will improve the spending habits of college students. Students in an economics class are randomly assigned to three different courses on spending habits.

A) What are the experimental units?

B) How many Factors are there?

C) How many treatments are there?

D) what is the response variable?

4- A college group is investigating student opinions about the funding of the military. They phone a random sample of students at the college, asking each person one of these questions: 

A) "Do you think that funding of the military should be increased so that the United States can better protect its citizens?"

B) "Do you think that funding of the military should be increased?"

Which question do you expect will elicit greater support for increased military funding? Explain. What kind of bias is this?

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