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My family says my friend is a master manipulator. Is she just laughing and faking her emotions off screen?

I became sad, I started to commit acts of self-harm. I talked to my family and friends and they told me it was because of this toxic friend I had. I stopped talking to her for months but recently found out she told me “ I got her (which is me) to hate herself”. She fooled me for one year. But, when we were friends I’d vent to her and I told her once that I stopped cutting and she said “ I’m so proud of you” she told me “ do you want to keep destroying yourself everyday?” “I want you to be happy”. I remember before I was friends with her I was so happy. I had no idea what sadness meant. But I started becoming sadder while I was with her. Not knowing why at the time. The quesiton is if she was so nice to me and I find out her true intentions how did she keep such a good act for such a long time? 



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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Your "friend" sent you this message: “I got her (which is me) to hate herself”....and she FOOLED you for one year....now this same "friend" is being nice to you telling you she's proud and wants you to be happy...

    She does sound like a manipulator. Best to drop her and find a new friend who you truly will always be happy with.

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