Why can't I make good/close friends?

I need some advice on if I'm (a highly sensitive person) being too sensitive on this?

With all of my general friendships lately (I'm a freshman in college) , I'm trying to be caring.

I try to invest in a friend's life (I feel like i try to help them out a little too much, even, lately), be kind to them, not be too needy, encourage them...

Anyways, I'm trying to make an effort, but I just don't sense that people like me all that much:

I notice them putting pictures of them with their other friends on social media, but not me (or rarely even taking pictures with me)

They don't initiate texting a lot

They don't seem sensitive to what they say to me (I feel like they don't respect me)

Different things like that.

Anyways, I know I have flaws of my own (I can be a little awkward one-on-one.....much better than I used to be tho, sometimes I feel like I'm a bit too energetic, etc), but I am trying! Of course they are nice people, and I do sense that they care and enjoy my company at times. I just don't know if I'm meant to have that many friends, or if I need to just not care? I've always wanted to have (a) close friend(s), but maybe I just don't have the kind of personality for that :/ How sensitive am I being about this? Any help is appreciated... Thanks!!

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