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Chances of getting a MEPS waiver for Scoliosis ?

So I’m trying to join the Army reserves and I just went to MEPS a few days ago.  I have scoliosis with a thoracolumbar curvature.  One of the curvatures is within regulations, but the other is 9 degrees over the cutoff.  My recruiter submitted a Medread and I waited about 6 or 7 weeks until he called and said it had been approved, so I had a doctors approval to go to MEPS.  I went to MEPS two days later and I passed everything until the MEPS doctor saw me for my initial interview. He disqualified me after reading through my medread packet without saying a word to me besides asking the same questions I was asked a million times before.  Afterwards I saw the Ortho who said because it was asymptomatic and I was in good physical condition that I could get a waiver within a week.  Has anyone gone through this before and received a waiver for scoliosis as well?  I just wanna make sure I wasn’t getting lead on and I also don’t understand why they’d have docs look at my case for over a month and then spend tax payer dollars just to send me down to get DQ’d. 


My waiver was disqualified and I went back to the doctor for updated X-rays.  My new X-rays show that I actually have a thoracic curvature of 7 degrees and a lumbar curvature of 29.4.  Should I even bother resubmitting the waiver or are they still going to decline even though I’m under 30 degrees? 

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    they do happen.  my father got one( albeit 60 years ago during Viet Nam)  and he ended up as a Greenside HM in the field with Marines in combat.  

    you have a shot.   I just can't give you any sort of odds at this time.  

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    Maybe 10%...............

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