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Guys- what’s the difference between a casual relationship and a short term relationship?

The guy I just started seeing is graduating next semester, so in the beginning we talked about how having something long term would be difficult. He suggested a causal relationship. I said I wasn’t interested in that (because I was pretty sure that meant just sex). He suggested a short term relationship, and I basically said let’s see how it goes. Then he said he’d do his best to make the relationship work

Do you think there’s a difference? Is there more of an emotional connection? Does it have anything to do with not seeing other people? 

I just want to know what this would mean to a guy before I get any deeper into this. We’ve already hung out at his apartment, watched some movies, and made out a few times and last night he took me out to dinner (and paid!)

We haven’t talked any more about this since we’ve started seeing each other. And I’m not intending on marrying the dude or anything, it’s just that it would be nice to know where I stand and what to expect before I decide to ‘commit’ to this thing 

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    .. what's the punchline? I'll wait * So the only way to ascertain how genuine a relationship is, is to go look in his laundry basket. I'm serious! If he has skiddy underwear, ejaculate crusty and yellow  on the boxers it could mean he comfortable with a long term arrangement..ughh good my coffees ready

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