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How big might my Staffy/Boxer mix get? Please read whole thing before commenting! ?

I posted this earlier and it came out a mess so I’m reposting.

Lexi is my 5 month old American Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer mix. She turned 5 months on December 3rd. She is about 16 inches tall and 28 lbs (give or take a few on the weight). She has been eating less due to her canine tooth growing in over her baby canine, but that fell out tonight and after it fell out, she finished her food for the first time in a week. I just want to make sure she’s on track with her growth. I know it’s harder to tell with mixes, but she is not overweight, no health problems, just a happy little rescue! (

She is around 15 weeks in the photo (wish I had a better, more recent one)

she is more muscular now, but still has a boxy head. In my other post it didn’t look like it, but the angle distorted the picture to the point that it looked like a different dog. 


P.s. I want to repeat Lexi is a mix. We had a wisdom panel done and it came back 75% AST, 12.5% boxer, 12.5% breed types (unknown). (I love that she’s a mix. We did the dna test for fun, but I just want to make sure she’s growing into her paws so to speak)  Wisdom panel has worked for my friends and I before with good results. I know these tests aren’t always accurate, but they haven’t let me down yet!  

I will also ask the vet what they think next time I go, but your opinion wouldn’t hurt! 


Please look below for a picture I recently took of my little girl’s face. 

Update 2:

The more that I look at her today, the more I think that that the 12.5% unknown could be Bull Terrier! Call me crazy, but that’s just my thoughts! Her ears are quite like a Bull Terrier as well as her belly shape. Thanks to most of you for your information and compliments! 

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    No one can predict the final size. Staffies are not huge dogs.. And neither are boxers (female boxers can be as small as 35 pounds!). And that "12.5% unknown" could also have enough influence on her potential size..

    Even purebred dogs are not cookie cutter sizes.. In my breed I can find CH titled dogs anywhere from 8 to 18 pounds... And can find smaller or bigger ones that dont fit the standard!

    As long as she is growing, eating well, acting normally and has a healthy physique.. You shouldnt have any reason to be concerned that she is "growing into her paws" (fyi.. Its a myth that big paws means big dog.. Some breeds just have huge paws, some have petite looking paws)

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    no taller and about 38 pounds at most

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    OK. I read your plea.

    Your dog smiles at us so he's happy.and he gives a good sense of comfort from the picture.

    "His" food means you feed him the preprepared dog food?

    You also go by the common of seven to one or one year of a dogs life is seven peoples years?

    First. At five months he's a new born. 

    But think of it this way. He usually lives with a pack of other dogs he can drink milk when he chooses and there's lots of rotten meat and decaying bones around in their dog cave.

    So, because in general you humans fear animals because they get too big and are strong and have long teeth, you also love them because we, the outdoors men frontiers men surveyers explorers raise them because we simply love them.

    So your happy animal requires other things for growth other than preprepared dog food. Table scraps are good. Warm milk. Bones. Fat. Vegetable fruit and a whole host of other foods that grow in these temperate areas.

    Meat some but dogs like other animals like their cousins the bear wolf and cougar actually scavange mostly so eat less living bloody meat than people think.

    My experience says your puppy isn't getting enough milk and bones.

  • Ocimom
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    With a mix you never know.  It would be somewhere between the size of the parents - between a Boxer size and the Pit size.  Since Pits are not purebred dogs, that could vary.  I would guess maybe about 60 lbs - you will know at about a year old the final size of your dog.

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    You know how big the pits get & you know how big a Boxer gets. Your dog will be somewhere in that size. Only stands to reason. It will weigh more than 20 lbs you already know that. It won't get as big as a Great Dane, right?

    A pit & a boxer are close in size but genetics is what is responsible for all of this. A pit is a mutt & a BYBed Boxer is a mutt & with all those messed up & mixed up genetics, who knows?

    I took in a young GSD & the day she died she weighed 109 lbs. Way over the standards for even a male. BYBed pure breed. Her health was so bad, especially her joints.

    She will be the size of her parents, give or take what the genetics dictate.

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    You will simply have to wait and see. As long as she is having her nutritional needs met and is kept at a healthy weight, she'll grow to whatever her genetically predetermined size is. Different dogs can grow at different rates and have growth spurts at different times. If she's at a healthy weight for her current size, there is absolutely no reason to attempt to track her growth, and it will change nothing about her final size.  

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    Thats not a pretty little girl, its a dog...

  • Maxi
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    Not possible to tell from pictures if she has stopped growing or not and with a mixed breed no one can estimate based on 'normal' size of the breed. It is easier to tell by a good breeder or vet when they can examine the dog to see if the growth plates are closed or have some more to grow

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    AGAIN - it's a MUTT. There's NO WAY TO KNOW WITH MUTTS. Stop asking this same question about this backyard breeder wanna be "American Staffordshire Terrier". 

    If you had a Wisdom Panel done on this mutt that proved it wasn't a full bred puppy why did you call it an "American Staffordshire Terrier"?  Because you feel stupid that's what you THOUGHT it was when you bought it on craigslist?

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Larger than a terrier but smaller than a mastiff. 

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