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What can be the list of 20 things to bring to a Christimas air travel?

To the south from the cold. 20 days.

2-Is it difficult to leave the cold and arrive in the sun? And vice versa? How do we change clothes?

3-What to present in the hotel in the check in?

4-How to be aware about the customs rules?

5- Some people are posting videos about

traveling around the world in first class, 5 starts hotels etc. They don't seem to be rich. Sometimes they enter first in the plane, and talk to the crew go where are the pilots etc. Some have done this dozens of times. Is it a king ot agreement?

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    How far south? What country?

    Wear a jacket and don't put it on at your destination. 

    Hotels often ask for your passport and the credit card you used to make the reservation. 

    As we told you before, people in first class get to board first. Some people use frequent flier miles to upgrade to first class, some have tickets paid for by their companies, and many people travel in comfortable clothes, so they may not look "rich". 

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